It is with great pleasure...

Welcome to my first blog, my site, my company! WOW! This has been a labor of love for a year now! I chose to launch on this date, because one year ago, I stood and watched my cousin get married, and like a lot of people, I cried, but I cried for a different reason. I cried because I realized that I became a huge part of a day she would remember for the rest of her life. A day she will tell her kids and her grandkids about, her wedding day. I stood there and thought to myself, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I had an epiphany, not only was her wedding day the start of a new chapter in her life, but in my life too.

Later that evening as we sat down in a gorgeous barn for dinner, I sat across from my Dad, a business man, the one who told me to go to college, get an education, a job with benefits. He looked at me and said “you did all of this?” I just shook my head yes, and he proceeded to say “this, this is gorgeous. You did an amazing job and have a talent. Whatever you need me to do help make this happen for you, I will.” The smile that came over my face and tears that filled my eyes are unexplainable. My dad, the businessman, believed in me, in this, and it was enough to set the wheels in my head turning.

Over the next year, I researched, I designed, I got opinions from family and friends, I drove my fiancé (my IT guru) insane talking about this company that I wanted to create, own, run and bring to life. With the help of so many people and their encouraging words, researching young women business owners, and the booking of my first bride, I have the great pleasure of introducing Adeline Rose Events!

I am so excited and am trying to contain myself with all that I want to share on this blog. Do I write all about the planning process of my cousins beautiful wedding? Or how the company got its name? What about my January bride and all the fun I’m having helping her create her winter wedding? Ok, ok, ok, all of that will come as the days go on and the blogs start flowing, I have to stay on task, which is to introduce my company. Come along on this journey with me, I invite you to share with your friends, family, people who are getting married and help me make this a success story. It takes a village people, and this, this is my baby!

Happy 4th of July everyone and Happy 1st Anniversary Emily and Shawn!

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