Summer Nights Dream Dinner Party has me décor day dreaming

I like to think that I surround myself with some pretty amazing people! People who are kind, loving, creative, fun, outgoing, etc. So, I was pumped when one of these people (my friend Armand), invited me to his Summer Nights Dream Dinner Party. I thought, how lucky am I to have a friend who loves to throw a party for any occasion (this particular occasion is a so long to summer party, as it’s at the end of August)!

Quick back story on my friendship with my wonderful, dinner party throwing friend, Armand. We became friends back in 2013 at work and instantly clicked. He’s one of those people that you just know you’re going to have a great time with, whether it’s sitting watching a movie, or out dancing the night away, he’s just an awesome person, and one with so much creativity and so many great ideas, that any time he throws anything, it’s spot on! Throughout our 3 years of friendship (though it feels like so much longer), Armand has come to me with some pretty over the top ideas (Halloween and Comic Con costumes, themes for a New Year’s party, a present idea for his partner) and when you put our two crazy minds together, the end product is insane! To sum this all up, Armand and I make a pretty awesome team and we sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves, which is what I did when I saw him pinning ideas for this Dinner Party.

I saw one little pin on Pinterest and my mind could not stop thinking! I immediately texted him that I had some cute wooden flower boxes he could use if he wanted (that’s all I had intended on sending to him), to which he informed me of the theme he was going for. The title of the invite says it all, just like A Mid Summers Night Dream…whimsical, romantic, pretty, flowers, outdoorsy, you get the idea. So, off I went. I just started pinning things and sending them to Armand, and realized, this was NOT my dinner party. But like any good friend, Armand was happy to have some help and some fun ideas, as he always knows I’m up for some DIY with a glass of wine any day!

We continued our chat today and I had to apologize for bombarding him. We started discussing all the fun details and brainstorming about everything he wants this night to entail. Anyone can throw a summer BBQ, but he wants more than that, a reason for friends to dress up, feel pretty, eat good food, have great wine and surround themselves with the best company, because, after all “a wedding isn’t necessary to throw a fabulous dinner party,” – Armand Jordan.

Just a few screen shots of how we plan on turning his backyard into something magical! Cannot wait to start all the projects and prep work for this, as well as to see the end product and enjoy the night with Armand, and all of the amazing people that he surrounds himself with (his squad is pretty tight and I feel honored to be a part of it). Check back at the end August to see how this night turned out!

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