What's in a name?

This blog is going to be very emotional for me to write, as it marks the 7th year that my beautiful Grandma went on to be my angel. I thought this day would be very fitting for me to share how Adeline Rose Events received its name, as it is named partially named after her, Adeline.

My Grandma was your storybook grandma…she always had sweets (even allowed us to eat dessert before any meal), made the best pancakes, could create quilts that belonged in museums. She loved to read (you would often find her on her lake house porch reading and smoking a cigarette), coffee, shopping, but her biggest love was her family. She truly was the matriarch that held us together. Every holiday she made special, but mainly, Christmas. This woman handmade all seven of her grandkids stockings (that all matched) and she filled those stockings every year (until I was 27 – the last Christmas we would spend with her).

Every summer she would send my cousins, my brother and myself a flyer inviting us to Camp Grandma and Grandpa, where she hand drew all the activities that we could do while there. Summers spent up at their lake house are ones that I will cherish forever, ones that included bon fires, s’mores, trips to the mall, lazy hammock days, reading on the porch, and crafts. We would pick a weekend every October for the entire family to go up north, rake the leaves, carve pumpkins, guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar, play games, eat popcorn, I could keep going! Grandma was so creative and everything she made was flawless. Her attention to detail was beyond anyones that I have ever seen, the way she could take my words or drawings and make them come to life was magic, and I like the think these quality have not only been passed down to my mom (although it's not her mom, she has been around her long enough) and my aunt, but to me as well.

I thought it was only fitting to pay my respects to her as I embark on this journey, one of creativity, organization and one that comes from my heart. I know she would have her hands in every wedding and event I plan, but to be honest, she does even if she’s not here physically. She was tiny but fierce, funny and witty, stubborn as all hell, her nails were always painted, wardrobe put together, hair always done, strong willed and loyal, creative, loving, and a hard worker, she was and is everything I want my company to be!

I struggled with a name for a while, I’ve always loved my Grandma’s name, Adeline (she hated it) and thought one day I would name my daughter after her (if I ever had one), but didn’t want to wait! I thought what better of a way to pay homage to her and her creativity and allowing me to dream and believe that all things were possible. So, with that, Adeline, after my Grandma, Adeline Franklin. Rose is my middle name, after one of my mom’s cousins that she was very close to and passed at a young age, Rose Marie and after my Great Grandma Rose, put them together, and you have Adeline Rose, after great women in my life, some I knew, one I didn’t, but all have a very dear place in my heart. I feel the name suits me and what I want this company to represent, who I am, and the people who helped shape me into the person I have become, and both sides of my amazing family.

P.S. I only went through half a box of tissue while writing this!

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