Friday Night Crafts (and what they lead to)

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately! I have been busy vacationing with my love, and doing a little wedding planning of our own. I know that you have all been dying to see what came of that Friday late night craft session a few weekends ago from my Instagram, so…here are all the fun details (I can finally share as we have asked most of the people that this blog will affect. Spoiler alert for those we have not been able to see during J’s visit, and those friends that live in New Jersey!)

We wanted to make asking our friends to be a part of our day something fun, so I got crafty (and made my mom help as she tends to be able to take my crazy visions and make them come to life). So, one Friday night, we sat in her dining room laughing, being silly, talking, and of course crafting some adorable Wedding Party Proposal boxes!

My fiancé and I are having a very non-traditional wedding party (I’ll blog separately about that once EVERYONE is officially asked), so we have bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, flower girls, a best man, a ringer bearer, and honorary bridesmaids and groomsmen…so we had a lot of asking to do. We wanted to make it personal, fun and something everyone would enjoy and remember.

For the girls, (bridesmaids, jr. bridesmaids, and honorary) I found these awesome brown cardboard boxes and fancied them up a bit adding each girls initial on the front and polka dots in our wedding colors. Inside each box was crinkle paper in our wedding colors (of course), a homemade confetti popper, candy and a personalized hand written card, along with something special for each

For our Bridesmaids (who are 13 and 11 years old) I found these adorable gold knot bracelets off Etsy from Evyral shop. They fit the girls perfectly!

For our Jr. Bridesmaids (who are 8 & 9 years old) we wanted them to match the bigger girls bracelets (the bracelets were just too big for them, so we had to find an alternative) and I stumbled across super cute gold knot necklaces that were just their size! Again, Etsy came to my rescue and the necklaces came from Adore Veretui. I loved watching them open the tiny boxes and the smile it put on their little faces.

For our Flower Girls (who are just 18 months old) I had to scale it back a little and remind myself that they don’t really know what’s going on with any of this, so it was more for their mama’s (who are my dear friends). I remembered in my years of babysitting that Pinkalicious had a flower girl book, so off to Amazon it was! The book didn’t seem like enough so I found cute pink star glow wands at Target and of course any kids favorite, Goldfish! They were more excited about the Goldfish and playing with the crinkle paper then anything else.

Finally, for my honorary bridesmaids (my squad) I had to include a little bubbley and these adorable stemless champagne flutes from Etsy shop Pineapple Proper.

We can’t forget about the guys! (Best man, Ring Bearer, and honorary Groomsmen). J (my fiancé) wanted something cool, and different and he found this awesome way to ask his boys to be by his side.

For his Best Man, who is 10 years old and LOVES fishing we packaged together (in a matching brown handle bag) a small tackle box full of sweedish fish and gummy worms, along with a personalized Swiss Army knife for his fishing needs! He was so pumped and a bit overwhelmed and it was so cute to see him get a little choked up when J asked him.

For our Ring Bearer (who is 2 years old) we thought it only fitting to get him a stellar Ring Security shirt from Etsy shop IsABella Trend. Had to include a green car glow wand and his favorite, mini M&M’s.

Now, for the men! I created these Top Secret Mission folders for each guy, very Mission Impossible, James Bond, complete with theme music. I found the perfect cardboard boxes that fit the folder and could hold a little Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey to toast with!

We are so excited to finally be able to officially ask those close to our heart to have a hand in our big day! We can’t wait for all the planning and excitement the next year and half will bring! I’m excited to take you along on my own planning journey and to introduce you to our non-traditional wedding party (I have a few more people to visit before I can blog about that) and our non-traditional wedding! Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride!

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