Let Me Count the Ways!

Let me count the ways…the ways of how I love that we live in a world where, when it comes to weddings, anything goes! I love that brides don’t feel like they have to wear white anymore, ceremonies can be done anywhere your heart can imagine, you can have a brunch reception or just a cocktail hour…anything goes! But I think what I love the most is that wedding parties have become so diverse, brides can have bridesmen and grooms can have grooms women, or, you can have a bridal party full of kids, and that’s just what my fiancé and I are doing! We are so excited about our non-traditional wedding party and I’m so happy to introduce them all (now that they have all officially been asked)!

J and I knew that we didn’t want to have your traditional wedding party, we’re getting married later in life, and let’s face it, most of our friends have been in their share of weddings, and I’m sure buying another bridesmaid dress or renting another tux is the last thing that they want to do (though I know they would all do it if we asked). These friends, however, have some pretty amazing kids who have been a huge part of our lives! We have always talked about having these kids be our bridal party and they are just as excited about it, as we are!

Our Bridesmaids –

Olivia – 13 years old – we have watched Olivia grow into a beautiful funny young lady! She is not your typical teenager! She is sweet and polite, loves spending time with her family and her sisters and she’s not too cool to hang out with J & I!

Stella – 11 years old – we love Stella so much and J has a special bond with her! We love how she tells it like it is, but does it so innocently! She is funny and soft spoken and she always makes us smile!

Our Junior Bridesmaids – these little girls are being promoted and are going to have to show our flower girls the ropes!

Paige – 9 years old – Our sweet Paige! This little girl has such a personality! At one point when we talked about getting married and her sisters told her she was going to be a flower girl, she said “Na-uh, I’m gonna be the DJ!” so, you’ll see this spunky girl spinning some killer tunes!

Alice – 8 years old – Oh goodness where do we start with our Ali Cat? This little one has more spunk and sass in her pinky then anyone I know! We have loved watching her grow and can’t wait to see the amazing person she becomes!

Our Flower Girls – although they have no idea what is going on, these tiny ones are going to steal the show for sure!

Hannah – 1 years old – Hannah is our little peanut! This tiny one never stops smiling and I just know she will be one of the cutest flower girls (because we have 2!)

Ella – 1 years old – our little blue eyed princess! She is super chill and just the sweetest and we know she will rock the sparkles just like her mama!

Our Best Man –

Ben – 10 years old – AKA our Bubs! He was just the cutest when J asked him to be his best man, and I wish I would have gotten it on video! Bubs and I have a special bond and it’s something I just cannot explain! The love I have for this little guy, who isn’t so little anymore is one words can’t describe!

Our Ring Bearer –

Jack – 2 years old – Oh Jack! He is a funny one with a big personality when he’s warmed up to you! When I asked him to be a part of our day, he showed me how he was going to dance at our wedding! I can’t wait to watch him cut a rug!

So, needless to say, we have a very non-traditional wedding party, but I think it’s the best! It’s totally us! Now, just because we have so many little people in our wedding, doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have our closest friends and family be a part of our day as well! We’ll still have them with us through the process, the night before, the day of, but we want them to enjoy the day with us! So, yes, our head table will have approximately 32 people at it, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s just how we role!

You have to remember, it’s your day, do what makes you happy! Make it about you and your future partner, your personalities! You want your guests to walk away from your big day and say “it was so them!” Throw out traditions that you don’t love, and start creating your own, after all, that’s what we’re doing!

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