Summer Feels

So, I may still be obsessing over Saturday night! The evening could not have gone any better! Well, minus the rain all day leading up to it, and the 2.5 hour scramble in the humid weather to make it everything Armand envisioned, but it was perfect! The perfect end of summer, dinner party. Folks, you don’t need a big fancy house or perfectly manicured yard to throw an intimate dinner party with those you hold dear to your heart. All you need are people who understand your vision, and are willing to do anything to make it work. Throw in good food, great drinks, and even better company, and that is exactly how Armand and Josh made their Summer’s Night Dream dinner party the best!

Now, Armand definitely does not need my help when it comes to throwing a fabulous party, but he amuses me and allows me to throw ideas at him and he either says “YAAAASSSSSSSSS”, or kindly finds a way to say “ummm, I don’t think so!” See, we just get each other in that way and I love collaborating with him to help make all that is going on in his brain come to life. When he came to me and said that he and Josh wanted to throw a farewell to summer dinner party for 13 or so of their closest friends, I quickly wanted to know what the theme was and how I could help. It’s so crazy to me how we end up on the same page just by a few simple words or pins on Pinterest, and somehow, from that, we ended up with a candle filled, simple and sweet party!

Armand wanted three distinct areas for the evening to happen. First, as friends arrived he wanted an appetizer area and bar that included two signature sangria’s (that were both amazing by the way. I may or may not have indulged a little too much!). We did something simple in this area, a nice garland on the app table with some candles (can I just tell you all, I used to not be a fan of fake candles, but they worked perfect outside, never went out when it was windy, and still gave off the beautiful glow that we wanted with natural candle light). Two copper tins filled with gorgeous arrangements of summer flowers and the sangria’s helped dress up the bar area! We tossed the mixers and other beverages in some cool large metal buckets, popped some more flowers into empty beer bottles, more candles, and the area was complete! This was the perfect place to greet everyone as they arrived and mingle a bit prior to sitting down for dinner.

As the sun was setting, we made our way further into the backyard for the grand reveal of the dinner table! This was the main focal point for the night! Armand envisioned something that would be a good area for photos and the perfect backdrop! We strung Christmas lights up in the large oak tree and that became the center of it all (who says that Christmas lights can only be used during the Holidays? That is no longer a rule in my book), The old chicken coop was used to house some more flowers and, yes, fake candles. The long dinner table was covered with a gorgeous lace table cloth, an amazing greenery garland, and SURPRISE, candles. I love how the chairs were mis-matched as well as everyone’s drinking glasses, it just added to the rustic/romantic feel of it all. The bar towels and gold cutlery tied it all in as the place cards helped accent the colors of the greenery. The outcome was stunning and friends could not stop complimenting how beautiful everything looked.

Dinner was amazing! Our gracious hosts made chicken shish-ka-bobs, and sweet corn with Armand’s special rub! Guests were all asked to bring a dish to share, and I was amazed that not one person brought the same thing! All of the dishes were summer fresh and delicious, there for sure was not enough room on my plate for everything!

Our final stop for the night was a nice summer bonfire. Not much really needed to be done to this area, but thought that a cute wood ladder with some blankets (in case there was a chill in the air) would make it feel extra cozy. As I mentioned, it was super humid, but the fire helped take the dampness out of the air and it was fun to move the party to a new area.

Whenever I attend an event that Armand and Josh host, I’m amazed by the people that they surround themselves with! I haven’t known them very long, but it feels like I have known them a lifetime. All of their friends are so inviting and welcoming and I have truly grown to consider them friends of mine as well. The conversation throughout the night was awesome! We talked about EVERYTHING and I loved how people chimmed in here and there, went in and out of different conversations, and always felt welcome to have their own opinions, never being judged! This is what’s it like to embrace new people into your world with open arms! These people are all wonderful and it’s not hard to see why they are all friends of Armand and Josh, two truly amazing people! Everyone needs a friend in their lives that allows them to dream, to believe in themselves, to confide in, to support them and lift them up, these are just a few things I have found in my friendship with Armand and Josh! I cannot wait for their next gathering, if it’s anything as beautiful (both to look at and be included in) than it will be another one to be put in the books!

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