The Struggle is Real!

Since my very first blog, I have sat down in my tiny apartment, at my kitchen table, turned on some music and got into the zone. I did the very same thing as I started this blog, a blog I knew was going to be raw, and allow people to get to know me, be real and let you see the struggle. As I turned on my Pandora, “our” song came on…and I knew it was a sign. A sign that I can do this, I can make this business what I want it to be, I can fail and pick myself up, that I’m not in this alone, and that I have so many people (my fiancé being my main person) who believe in me sometimes more then I believe in myself.

So, here it is, it’s been 2 months since Adeline Rose Events launched and let me tell you, the struggle is real! I’m not lying folks, I knew that starting this up was going to be difficult, but nothing prepared me for the emotional struggle, the making time struggle, the wanting it to succeed struggle, the no new client struggle, I could go on and on. But then I remind myself to take a deep breath and know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I have to really put myself out there, not just sit behind this computer and pray that someone sees my site and emails me. I have to network, attend events, meet new people, order business cards, research how to corporate myself, get a tax ID number, ask the questions I have no clue how to answer, and just really get out there!

So, this week and this month, I want to cross a lot of things off my checklist (and yes, I’m still super old school and carry a paper planner and make lists on paper and cross them off…the accomplished feeling I get when I can cross something off a list is so exciting to me!). On the docket this week, meet with a new friend and hear all about her engagement story (I love those, they give me so many feels and make me so giddy, I don’t care who the person is, I just love that everyone has a story and I can sit and listen to them all day long…when you meet me, and I ask about your story, I want EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! Just warning you, or get prepared for a ton of questions). I need to order business cards (there are just way too many to choose from!), research how to corporate myself and then actually do it, get a tax ID number, put myself on The Knot website, and attend at least 1 networking event. If I want this to grow and breath and have life, I have to feed it, because everyone knows how hard it is to focus when you’re hangary!

Cheers to Sunday, to gorgeous crisp weather, a good face mask, a glass of wine, to a new week, a fresh “to do” list, and knowing the struggle is worth it, in everything you do!

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