It Don't Mean a Thing if you Ain't Got that BLING!

In my last blog I talked about how busy I have been and included in that busyness was plotting some new blog entries about my journey in this wedding planning process. I thought it would be fun to take everyone on my own wedding planning from start to end, the things I learned along the way, somethings about myself, about the planning world, things to look out for, advise, etc. Because whether you think you want a planner or not, at the end of the day, I truly just want to help people make their day exactly what they want. So, in the mix of my fun planning blogs for other brides, I’ll take some time to give you some insight on the in’s and out’s, take from it what you will, but I hope it helps someone!

Ok, let’s discuss THE RING (one of the largest purchases people make aside from a car and house)! So, here I am, years after all my friends have gotten married, which equals, years of hearing their engagement stories, and looking at their beautiful rings, and of course checking things off in my head of how I want my ring to look (what potential bride or groom wouldn’t do that?)

I of course didn’t want my ring to look like anyone else’s, I wanted it to be timeless, and vintage if at all possible, and I was dead set on it not coming from a jewelry store in the mall. So, here I am, on Pinterest, pinning all these simple solitaire rings with a diamond band, something I totally thought would look amazing on my finger…my fiancé had other ideas. He wanted me to have something with a little more bling – his word (I know what girl wouldn’t want that, and yes, I know I’m weird!). So, he suggests we just go look at rings, which, hello, again, what girl wouldn’t want that? I walk into the jewelry store at the mall…and find a pretty circle solitaire ring and am convinced this is it…I put it on my finger, show my fiancé and we both just make a face, this is not my ring and it looks AWFUL on my finger. Now, don’t get me wrong, this ring was beautiful but it did not look good on my finger AT ALL!

We had a little chat with the jeweler and she walked us to another case and said “I think I have just the thing for you,” and at that very moment, my fiancé and I both pointed to what at became my “DREAM RING.” I put this ring on my finger and could not believe how perfect it fit me. The shape was perfect, and in my mind was classic, but modern enough, and my fiancé was happy it wasn’t a solitaire. After I began sweating profusely (because I mean let’s be honest, how could you not break out into a sweat when trying on beautiful diamond rings), he asked me to step out of the store. He did his thing, talked the 5 C’s with the jeweler, did his research, etc (which, anyone who is thinking about proposing to their partner really should do their research and make themselves educated so they are sure they are getting the best for their budget). From that day forward I became obsessed with this ring. I would go to said store in the mall when I was passing by and try it on and gloat over it, and then there was that one day when the ring was gone! My heart sank…little did I know that yes, THAT ring was gone, but my fiancé was having a ring custom made that was similar to my DREAM RING (swoon). So here I am being a brat as he is sending me photos of all these rings that look like my dream ring and yelling at him for teasing me and how he should have just bought the ring at the store, when all he was trying to do was make it perfect, which it was and still is.

The point of all of this is,

  1. Go try on rings, whether it be with your future partner, your mom, your friend, whoever, GO TRY ON RINGS! What you thought you wanted may be gorgeous, but just not look good on your hand and that’s ok. Just like there might be one true love for you, there is also that one true ring, one true dress or tux, or venue…you know what I’m talking about!

  2. Trust your partner (something I totally should have done, because if I wasn’t such a snot about things, he probably would have picked this ring out himself, but I was insistent that I wanted a solitaire, if he would have bought what I thought I wanted, we would have both been disappointed and that is not something you want to feel in that moment).

  3. Do your research and educate yourself. You wouldn’t go buy a car without test driving it, or a house with looking at it and inspecting it, why would you invest in a piece of jewelry that you didn’t understand what you were buying?

Regardless what ring you’re presented with, you more than likely had a conversation about it, with someone…and I’m sure it will be the ring of your dreams, even if you didn’t know it, because sometimes the things of our dreams come to us in such strange ways!

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