Tuesdays Together

Since it’s Tuesday, I thought I would share my first Tuesdays Together experience!

I’m that person that is usually ok with going someplace by herself, but when I decided to go to my first Tuesday’s Together through The Rising Tide Society, it was a bit nerve racking, so I made a friend go with me (which looking back on, I know I would have been fine, but to have her support and encouragement meant a lot to me). So, here I am this new person walking into a room full of boss ladies, full of excitement, ideas, and ready to take on the world together! I looked at my friend and she said to me, “These are your people” and she couldn’t have been more right!

When I first launched the company, I had been a part of the Facebook group, but never had the guts to go to a meeting, and I had every excuse in the book…I can’t go until I get business cards, I had a long day at work, I haven’t booked any clients yet, I don’t know anybody. But after doing the weddings in December and January, I was feeling good about walking into a room of people who are just like me (I realized this after I left, of course).

I always thought this industry was super cut throat, and competitive, which I’m sure it can be, but these women (Rising Tide is not just for women, this particular night just happened to be full of girl power) welcomed me with open arms and I took it all in. (I seriously was listening to 500 different conversations I felt like the Dog in the movie UP, squirrel). I loved our forum for the night talking about email marketing (which is something I don’t do currently, but would consider), I loved picking brains, asking questions, hearing about their styled shoots, how they got started, where they want to be, it was so encouraging, empowering and I my brain would not shut off for hours after I left. It lit another fire in me, again making me so happy that I’m on this journey, no matter how tough it gets, or if I feel like I’m failing, or things just aren’t moving the way I want them to, it’s all for a reason and every victory or set back, no matter big or small needs to celebrated and learned from. And every moment I am able to surround myself with creatives like I met this night is an opportunity I could never pass up, there is so much to learn from one another and this group gives me hope (although I’m still trying to navigate all the conversations and questions on Facebook, it’s a bit overwhelming, but I love it all!). So, thank you Rising Tide Society, and Tuesday’s Together for breaking me out of my shell, getting me more excited to be on this journey (wasn’t sure that was possible, as I’m already excited enough), and giving me the opportunity to be with “My People.” I can’t wait to feel this charge of energy again at our next Tuesdays Together in March!

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