Where in the World have I been?

WOW, has it been a hot minute or what? I know you have all worried about me, but I promise, I’m good! I just took a little tiny break from planning others big days, to plan my own (that's right, this planner got hitched)! Now that I’m back to reality and feel I can function like a human being again after the holidays, I’m ready to hit 2018 head on, and I have a lot in store for you!

I’m not usually one for resolutions…to me, January 1st, is just another day, like any other day, a day where I strive to be better than the day before, one where I learn from my mistakes and triumphs, a day to start fresh, have a positive attitude, put a smile on my face, and jump in with an open mind and open heart. But something about 2018 has got me so excited! So excited to clean house, have a clean slate, freshener things up a bit, it might have something to do with getting married, merging lives and homes, and moving, but I’m just so pumped! (I sound like such a dork, which, I am a total dork and not mad about it, aren’t we all a little dorky anyway?).

So…2018 I have goals ya’ll, BIG goals! I want this business to flourish, and I'm putting in the work, getting dirty and ready to just go for it all! I’m currently looking for someone who can help with branding, looking to grow my vendor list, I’m working on a new logo and then a new website (my husband is going to kill me, he’s my personal IT guy – he’s a true geek for a living – and does my website for me – but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want their own personal IT guy?). I want to flood your IG world, write more blogs, get involved with my fellow creatives and just be out there to help people make their day magic! I'm so focused on this company and this brand, growing and becoming everything I dreamed it to be. I'm ready to share the ins and outs with all those getting married (now that I'm a married lady myself), the things I learned, would do differently, things I loved, do's, don'ts, must haves, you name it, I want to talk about it, so tell me, ask me, let's have a conversation, I could talk for days! And if you know of anyone who is need of a planner/designer/coordinator, send them my way, my creative juices are flowing right now and I’m dying to create! With that being said, I'm super excited about the 4 weddings I already have booked this year and can't wait to share with everyone!

Although I did take some time off to focus on my own wedding, I was blessed to be involved with two very exciting weddings in 2017 and I can’t wait to share them with you. They were each had very different feels, and were so much fun to do, a destination wedding in Cancun Mexico (unfortunately I couldn’t attend this one, but planned from afar and it turned out beautifully), and a gorgeous vintage wedding right here in Michigan. I will also be sharing my own wedding with you and all the details that went into it!

If you’re (still) reading this, thank you…thank you for coming back, for not giving up on me, on this, for believing in me, because, I said it from day 1, it takes a village! Later this week, I’ll have Jaime and Mike’s wedding up on the blog and I’m telling you, it’s worth coming back for!

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