A Class Act

Timeless, elegant, classic, beautiful…I could keep going with words like this to describe Brandi & Johnathon’s nuptials in early October, so keep reading and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about, this couple has impeccable taste and was reflected in every aspect of their big day!

I have known this couple for a few years, and I will never forget the August night we were at a backyard dinner party (after I had gotten engaged), and I was sitting next to Brandi & Johnathon, and of course, the topic of weddings came up, as I was right in the middle of planning my own. So Brandi was asking questions and I noticed Johnathon was sitting there listening, I was offering advice for when their big day eventually came, and also telling them that they should go look at rings together (it’s something I tell a lot of my friends…you think you want one thing because you saw it on Pinterest or Instagram, and end up liking something completely different once it’s on your finger). Fast forward to November that same year and Ms. Baldwin was asked the biggest question of her life, so naturally when I saw them again, I asked Johnathon if he knew he was going to propose in November when he sat and listened through us girls talking weddings at that dinner party, and he said yes, he already had the ring…you men!

When Brandi asked me to coordinate their day, I was touched, honored, and throwing myself a party in my head, because I was secretly planning their day already, and then I found out where they were getting married, and then learned about their amazing dream team of vendors and I couldn’t have been happier! Brandi and her glamorous bridal party started their day at the iconic Detroit Athletic Club, which completely set the tone for the entire day! Hair and makeup were done by the talented Angela Kiryakos (@angelakiryakos) and Linda Kanna (@mualinda_)…I mean, who wouldn’t want a bridal party that looks like this? Meanwhile, Johanthon and his boys were at their hotel, doing wheat guys do on their wedding day!

While Nikki Marie was doing what she does best, capturing moments….because let’s be honest, she doesn’t just take photos, I was at the beautiful Colony Club. downtown Detroit, with Jen House Design setting up for the ceremony and reception. This space does not need a lot, as this room is so classic in its own way, but Jen and her team knew just how to fill this room! We set the ceremony space up facing the gorgeous patinaed gold mirror, with an extra wide aisle lined with tall gold floral arrangements and candles that than doubled as reception centerpieces. The guests were welcomed in with the sounds of Rondo String Quartet and I was able to soak in one of my favorite moments from the day, alone time with the bride right before she walked down the aisle. Brandi and Johnathon did something, a lot of couples no longer do, they waited to see each other until the ceremony, and it was one of the sweetest things ever! After the “I do’s” guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the lower level of The Colony Club, while we worked our magic and transformed the ceremony space into the stunning reception room.

Another room reveal for the couple was exactly how I pictured it in my head, and, once again, they were blown away! I love the way this space turned out and wasn’t the norm for The Colony Club. The guests were ushered back upstairs where they could find their place cards on the candle lit table, and sign custom globes for the couple to decorate their home with. Brandi and Johnathon decided to go with a beautiful 20 person captains table, that was adorned with different place settings from the rest of the tables, this added a pop to the space and really brought all eyes to the center of the room.

Just like Brandi and Johnathon, their guests were all so gracious, the speeches were straight from the heart, and the out pouring of love for them was felt the entire night from capturing photos with each other, hitting the dance floor, and the non-stop smiles that were all over their faces! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful day! The two of you are a class act, not only are you a beautiful couple on the outside, but you both have a heart of gold! I look forward to watching your love grow together, as you continue to do the little things for each other that made you fall in love all those years ago, kept you in love across the miles, and allows you to grow old together, always laughing, smiling and holding hands!

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